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According to the reviews, the oil has many advantages in the case of external therapeutic applications, as well as in cosmetology. It is great for massage and masks for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. And it is also used in the following cases:

will help with insect bites, eliminate itching and redness;
promotes the healing of cracks and scratches;
perfectly cope with diaper rash, lubricate is 4 times a day;
effectively, with herpes and acne, moisten a gauze napkin with warm oil and hold the compress for 10-15 minutes, the procedure is carried out 3 times a week;
beneficially affects during weathering and sunburn;
has a rejuvenating effect, promotes the production of collagen, smooths wrinkles. Apply to clean skin for 20-30 minutes, after removing the remaining oil from the napkin. The procedure is best done in the evening;
cares for the hair. Against hair loss you need to rub lightly, cover your head with a warm towel and leave for 45 minutes. It will help restore and strengthen hair, accelerate growth. You can add oil in shampoo, in small amounts. At first it is recommended to do masks 1-2 times a week;
fine care for the cuticle and nails;
indispensable during pregnancy, prevents the appearance of stretch marks;
if you apply kedrovotykvennoe oil every evening not a large layer on the lips, they will be gentle without peeling;
It is not necessary to buy expensive sunscreen, oil simultaneously protects the skin from burns and allows you to achieve an even tan.

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