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Siberian Pine & Grape oil has deservedly received the title of natural beauty hormone. This product is important for the female body, because it contains valuable polyphenols - these are unique components that in their structure are similar to the structure of the hormone estrogen. This substance controls the production of collagen, and is also responsible for the renewal of skin cells, including the growth of nails and hair.

The structure of Siberian Pine & Grape oil is very light, so it is quickly absorbed and there is no ugly fat gloss on the skin. As a result, the epidermis is saturated with nutrients. This tool is universal, so it can be used in the care of any type of skin. But the greatest help Siberian Pine & Grape oil brings for oily skin, as it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

This product perfectly nourishes the skin, makes it softer and more tender. It turns out a moisturizing and toning effect. Literally after the first procedure, the skin acquires a healthy color.

Siberian Pine & Grape oil is an excellent regenerating agent, which is why it is recommended to be used during the treatment of abrasions and scratches. This agent is also inherent in astringent properties, so it is recommended for caring for problem skin, with a tendency to acne and acne. It is also useful for moisturizing the skin in the eye area and for caring for intimate areas.

In the care of the skin of the face Siberian Pine & Grape oil can be used in the following way:

Ideal for daily face care. Siberian Pine & Grape oil can be used in its pure form, as it has an excellent moisturizing effect. It is well combined with different types of essential oils or added in small amounts to ready-made cosmetics.
It is recommended to use it for removing make-up, as well as cleansing the skin of the face. For this purpose, it is possible to slightly heat the oil in a water bath, so that the useful substances penetrate the epidermis much more actively. This procedure helps to clean and moisturize the skin, saturating it with useful substances and trace elements.
If the oil is used to power the skin cells, it is recommended to combine it with almond, avocado and wheat germ. All components are taken in equal quantities. The finished product can be applied to pre-cleaned skin. Also this compound can be used for a compress - the product penetrates the gauze and is applied for half an hour to the skin. At the end of the procedure, the face is wiped with a cloth moistened with cool water beforehand.
The oil can also be used to care for mature skin. In this case, it must be combined with sandalwood oil (the components are taken in equal amounts). This compound needs to lubricate the cleansed skin every day. It is advisable to carry out this procedure before bedtime.
It is possible to supplement the oil with other kinds of essential oils, due to which its usefulness increases several times. At 1 tbsp. l. the product will need to take 3 drops of additional ether. In the event that oils are regularly used for skin care, it is recommended to stop the choice in favor of lemon and orange oil, as well as rosewood.
If there is a need to remove deep wrinkles, you can use Siberian Pine & Grape oil, enriched with 2 drops of mint ether. In this case, the oil of neroli or limetta is suitable.
To care for the inflamed skin of the face, you can combine oil with wheat germ and avocado ether. In the finished composition is to add a couple of drops of lavender or chamomile ether.
To eliminate small mimic wrinkles, it is recommended to apply the following mask - 2 drops of neroli oil, 1 tbsp. l. aether grape seed and 1 tbsp. l. avocado oil. The ready-made formulation is applied twice a day to the pre-cleansed skin of the face.
To quickly get rid of pimples and rashes, it is necessary to apply a small amount of oil to the problem areas in the morning and evening. Benefit will bring a mixture of chamomile or lemon ether (2 drops) with Siberian Pine & Grape oil.
Massage with cedar and grape oil

This oil is ideal for the care of the skin of the body, as it has not only a pleasant and delicate aroma, but also perfectly absorbed, leaving no greasy stains. It can be used both in pure form and in combination with other oils. A small amount of the product is rubbed in the palms, then applied to the skin.

It is necessary to take 2 tbsp. l. oil from and mix with 3 drops of avocado oil and jojoba. This compound is ideal for effective anti-cellulite massage. All components are well mixed, after which the resulting composition is rubbed into the problem areas. The greatest benefit can be achieved in the event that his ready-made mask is supplemented with essential oils of lavender, geranium, rosemary and lemon (3 drops are taken).

Cosmetic baths
To make not only a pleasant but also very useful bath, take Siberian Pine & Grape oil (2 tbsp.) And dissolve in a small amount

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