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Handmade soap

The soap is hand-made and has a pleasant aroma of cedar cones and contains the most natural ingredients that gently take care of the skin of the face and body

The basis of "Cedar" soap is an organic soap base, which includes: glycerine, Siberian pine oil, chamomile extract and fragrant Siberian pine oil • This complex of caring oils improves the general condition of the skin, and makes the process of making water procedures not only useful, but also and very enjoyable!

Features of "Cedar Soap"

The freshest Siberian pine oil of our own production.
Uniqueness and unique healing properties of soap makes it
our Siberian pine oil, cooked by hand.
100% natural essential oils.
Concentration of the strength and energy of plants in each piece of soap.
In the composition of only natural ingredients.
Does not contain synthetic blowing agents surfactants, SLS
(Sodium Laureth Sulfat), which are a poison for our body and the environment.
And most importantly, we really love what we do!
Terms and conditions of storage

Shelf life: 12 months.

Keep in a dry soap dish. Do not leave in water.
The longer it dries, the better. Perhaps you have purchased a fresh soap and it is a bit soft, it needs to be dried. Take it out of the package and put it in the locker. In a week it will dry up and will please you much longer.
When direct sunlight hits, the color of the soap burns out.
Over time, the aroma of essential oils become weaker, but washing and caring properties do not change.
With prolonged storage (more than 2 months in the heat or in the sun), droplets of oil may come out. Blot them with a paper towel. The quality of soap is not affected.

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