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The company "Siberian Secrets" produces 100% natural products from pine.

Pine nut oil is a unique natural product which is obtained by cold pressing exclusively from the nuts of the highest grade of the Tomsk Region.

Most of the Tomsk Region territory is situated in the taiga among swamps, pine nut absorbs all the micro- and macro elements, as well as cranberry and red bilberry.

Siberian Secrets meets the most demanding expectations.

Our production is made only from real products from the forest that has passed the strictest selection of quality and content of useful substances. We produce for you a product using special sparing technologies that allow bringing to you the quality and freshness of the Siberian forest.

"Living soap" based on pine oil and nut with delicate aromas is able to enjoy and give tenderness to your skin. And soap with the addition of pine shell will have a gentle scraping and therapeutic effect.

One of the most popular herbs that was used in Ancient Russia, was a plain-looking, but very useful willow-tea. Our company offers a wide selection of this tea with various berry and herbal collections.

Production of the Siberian Secrets trademark received the patent for inventions and is and is made with observance of production technology. Foil technology allows to keep a long shelf life and quality of our Eco product.

We guarantee the quality of the product produced, it is impossible to overvalue the useful qualities for health and for taste; the products have therapeutic, restorative and preventive properties.

Advantages of the company “Siberian Secrets” our own office in San Francisco, California,

San Francisco - Siberian Secrets LLc. This is the guarantee of product quality.

Many years’ experience in raw material reclamation, deep insight in productive processes, transport logistics, knowledge of foreign economy activity procedures creates conditions for company’s upward growth dynamics and sustainable cooperation with partners. Due to coherent and professional team work “Siberian Secrets” guarantees quality, speed and accountability in all activities

"The mission of our company is to improve the quality of human life with the help of natural products that naturally strengthen health, preserve beauty, give energy and inspiration"

The company "Siberian Secrets" produces and delivers products from the Siberian pine and Siberian Eco products in San Francisco. Having our representative office in San Francisco, our...
For the production of oil we take only fresh nuts of the Extra Class! All raw materials brought from the taiga are carefully selected and tested in our laboratory.