History of creation

The history of the company began many years ago, when I was on a business trip abroad. An old American approached me and asked where I was from. Having learned that I am from Siberia, he started talking about a tree, the unique properties of which are known to a small number of people.

It's about the Taiga cedar (the botanical name is Siberian pine cedar). Unlike the Siberian cedar, the Taiga cedar grows in the swampy terrain. Saturated with a huge amount of useful substances, the nut of the Taiga cedar becomes incredibly useful, like cranberries and cranberries.

To my surprise, this man was also very well aware of the value of cedar oil and gum, which he called "the elixir of health."

This meeting was for a long time remembered to me and made me think that I was lucky to live in a unique place that keeps all the purity and strength of wild nature.

A few years later, after talking with a good friend, we decided to assemble a team of like-minded people - fans of a healthy lifestyle and natural nutrition, and to engage in the supply of cedar products in Russia and abroad. At the initial stage, it seemed to us that many who already produce products from cedar, and it was decided to find a good manufacturer and work as a dealer.

The main criterion for selecting a supplier were 7 points:

Quality certificates are both Russian and international.

Cedar oil production only on wooden press. Without violations of production technology.

Variety and quality of raw materials from which produce products.

Conditions of storage, both raw materials and finished products.

Presence of own technologist and laboratory.

A production that meets all sanitary standards for sterility and cleanliness.

The possibility of admitting a representative of our company to the production at any time.

We looked over a dozen manufacturers, but, not a single company that we tested, could provide all of the above items.

Meanwhile, there were already preliminary agreements for the supply of major shipments of products, and our team included professionals who were well versed in the intricacies of production, besides they were indigenous

Siberians, who have rich experience of harvesting and processing of wild plants, including pine nuts.

And then we decided that if there is not such a manufacturer as we need, then we will become it ourselves.

Currently, our assortment includes more than 20 names of cedar products.

We supply our products to many regions of Russia, to Kazakhstan, the EU countries and the USA. The plans include the launch of a new workshop and the launch of a new product line.

We are proud of our harsh and majestic Siberia, and also generously share the secrets of health and inspiration, as our Motherland does for us.


Raw materials

For the production of our products, we use a premium grade nut harvested on the territory of the Tomsk region. The uniqueness lies in the fact that it is here that the pine Siberian pine grows on the soil saturated with useful natural substances surrounded by the swampy terrain, thus the core of pine nuts absorbs the maximum number of useful elements, becoming large and juicy.

We take good care of nature while harvesting pine nuts and gum and participate in forest restoration activities.


At our enterprise a unique synthesis of manual labor and high-tech developments is realized. For the production of oil, only wooden presses are used. Cold pressing allows you to save all the vitamins and trace elements contained in the pine nut, which are then easily and fully absorbed by the human body. We do not add any "chemistry" to our products, we do not use dyes, preservatives, flavors, etc. This allows us to make our products truly "alive".

Thanks to an innovative approach to the organization of production and business processes, we quickly ship the right amount of goods to order. In this case, products are never produced in advance. We guarantee that our customers will receive fresh high-quality products.

In our own laboratory, we develop new products based on ancient Siberian recipes and conduct all the necessary studies before the goods arrive on the shelves of stores. For a number of projects we are implementing, we are cooperating with scientists from Tomsk Polytechnic University.

Packing and Storage

Nut and finished products are stored in compliance with temperature and humidity levels.

For our products we use environmentally friendly biodegradable or recyclable packaging.


Our company ensures prompt and uninterrupted delivery of products to any part of the world thanks to a built-up logistics network and contracts with the largest transport companies.

We are responsible for the quality of products and the need for careful treatment of nature. Therefore, we have introduced international quality control standards for the entire production cycle from the moment of harvesting of walnut and gum in the forest to the sale of finished products.