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The basis of "Cedar" soap is an organic soap base, which includes: glycerine, Siberian pin oil, chamomile extract and fragrant Siberian pin oil, pine nut shell. • This complex of caring oils improves the general condition of the skin, and also makes the process of making water procedures not only useful, but also very enjoyable!


The shell of pine nuts creates a pleasant massage effect, while perfectly cleansing the skin. Scrub is indispensable for bathing procedures. The composition of this soap is truly special, as it contains the components of the highest quality. Oil nourishes the skin with vitamins, makes it smooth and supple. It has a warming, tonic and anti-cellulite effect. Helps the skin stay young and fit. In creating soap, we use only natural essential oils of high quality. No synthetic perfumes. Therefore, the usual taking of a shower or a bath turns into a real session of aromatherapy.

Features of "Cedar soap - scrub"

The freshest Siberian pin oil and vegetable components, own production.
Uniqueness and unique healing properties of soap makes it
our Siberian pin oil, cooked by hand.
100% natural essential oils.
Concentration of the strength and energy of plants in each piece of soap.
Does not contain synthetic blowing agents surfactants, SLS
(Sodium Laureth Sulfat), which are a poison for our body and the environment.


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