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Cedar flour is a dry concentrate made from cedar cake without impurities and additional components.

Cedar flour contains manganese, phosphorus, iodine, iron, vitamins (A, B, C, E, etc.), digestible proteins, as well as omega-3 and omega-6. Such a rich vitamin-mineral composition makes cedar flour irreplaceable for the nutrition of modern man.
Cedar flour helps improve metabolism, strengthen the immune and nervous systems of the body, normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system.

For whom?

It is useful for people of all age categories, especially pregnant and lactating women, children, sportsmen, vegetarians, elderly people, as well as during recovery from surgery and diseases.

What is the use?

Replenishment of the daily needs of the body in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and PUFA omega-3, omega-6
As a source of easily digestible natural protein
Add diversity to the diet: you can add to cereals, salads, pastries, hotter, side dishes, desserts.
What can I cook?

Healthy breakfasts, lunches, snacks.
Dietary products, cedar milk and cream, cocktails and smoothies.
It is good to add in porridge, salads, pastries, hotter, side dishes, desserts.

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