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The use of cedarwood oil also serves cosmetology. In this respect, it is universal - suitable for all skin types, improves the condition of nails and hair.

Consumption of cedar-mantle oil:
Care for mature and fading skin - oil has an anti-aging effect, slows down cell aging;
Caring for the skin around the eyes;
Moistening and increasing the elasticity of any skin type - 10 drops of oil per 10 g of face cream;
Hair care - cedarwood oil in combination with jojoba oil or sweet almonds (in a ratio of 1: 1) is applied to the hair roots - it gives the hair strength, shine, facilitates combing, smooths hair scales;
Saturation of cosmetics: shampoos and balms (10 ml per 100 ml of the drug), creams, lotions for the body, etc .;
Cedarwood oil is perfectly combined with others, it is used as a fat base for better penetration into the skin of oils of almond, avocado, patchouli, sandalwood and others.
Contraindication is an individual intolerance. A test test is required before use. Do not recommend to use for children under 2 years old and older people, people with alcohol dependence, bronchial asthma and liver disease.

Cedar water based on poppy seeds is used to treat sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, after training in the gym. The chemical composition of the oil has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, the central nervous system. In skin diseases (psoriasis plaques, dermatitis), oil is used to reduce itching, soften the affected epidermis, as an additional ingredient in suspensions, ointments, and creams with healing effect. Cedarwood oil is used as a fat base for a massage to relax the muscles (with paresis, paralysis).

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