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Salad with apples "Semirinka", oranges, strawberries, mix salad, pine nuts with sea buckthorn dressing

Per serving


Sea buckthorn - 50gr;

Freshly squeezed orange juice - 100gr;


Sugar - 10gr;

Fresh mint - 3gr;

Cedar-Corn oil - 50gr.


Salad lolo dew-20gr

Lettuce - 20gr

Frize Salad - 10gr

Apples "Semerinka" 2 pieces approximately 300 gr

Orange 2 pcs approx. 400gr

Physalis - 40gr

Strawberries - 100gr

Refueling - 200gr

Cedar nuts - 15gr

Technology of cooking and decorating a dish

Refueling. Seabuckthorn is combined with orange juice (70 g) and brought to a boil. Add diluted starch in the cold juice (30 g), sugar, mint. Beat with a blender or a corolla with cedar-corn oil, strain.

Salad. Select small leaves of salads.

Cut apples with a noisette knife

Oranges cut into segments without skin, films.

Physalis and strawberries cut into halves.

Balls of apples, segments of oranges, strawberries and fizalis dip in a dressing. On a plate beautifully lay out the leaves of salads, fruits and berries, sprinkle with cedar nuts.